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Our goal is to raise happy and healthy puppies who will help grow your heart and make a meaningful, lifelong impact in your life.  To do that, we begin with happy and healthy parents.  

All of our parent dogs are extremely well mannered, have great temperaments and undergo both genetic and physical health testing.  A healthy puppy begins with healthy parents and it's important that our parent dogs are the best examples of what a Goldendoodle should be in order to breed the best puppies. 

Badass Breeder and Puppy Culture Curriculum


Once puppies are born, we begin Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI). ENS consists of a series of short physical movements performed once a day beginning on day 3 and ending on day 16.  The movements are known to improve cardiovascular performance, increase tolerance levels for stress and anxiety and create a greater resistance to disease.  ESI improves nose awareness and confidence.  

At 3 weeks old, we move into a more advanced curriculum with our puppies. We perform a “10-step puppy massage” every day and increase pressure weekly. We use our 10-step handling exercises to ensure our puppies are exposed to various types of touch, handling and sensation.

At the same time, we also begin socializing our puppies to different sounds, sights, textures, things to climb on, run through and more. We believe in empowering over enabling our puppies. We set them up to conquer physical and mental challenges every day. By doing this, we build our puppies nerve strength and confidence as well as problem solving skills. Our goal is provide our puppies with a stable and enriching environment for the first 8 weeks of their lives.

At 7 weeks of age, we conduct a puppy aptitude test on each individual puppy. During the test we focus on 12 important puppy temperament traits to help make sure you get a puppy that fits you, your lifestyle and your needs as well as honoring who the puppy is.


Once temperament testing and vet checks are completed, families will be able to watch evaluation videos and see scorecards of each puppy in order for them to make the right decision for their family on go home day. Picks are made in order of a families place on the wait list on go home day. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Families on our waitlist are added to a private puppy family group page on Facebook.


Throughout the 8 weeks, we update an album in the group with multiple pictures per week, weekly individual/litter pictures, and weekly live video updates where we show each puppy and answer any and all questions our families may have.

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